Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Evan Dombroski Speaks on How Being a Nature Photographer Has Its Benefits 

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One of the biggest advantages of being a nature photographer is that you get to see peaceful, silent, and calm moments. When you are surrounded by lush greenery, it is good for your health. Nature photographers often make the most out of the time they spend outside. 

Evan Dombroski – Engage all your senses with nature photography 

Evan Dombroski is a nature photographer from New York, and he loves to take pictures of wildlife, landscapes, and urban green spaces. He says some photographers do not get ample time to be with nature as they are more focused on capturing the perfect shot. 

He recommends that if you are a nature photographer and really wish to get that perfect image, you should be wholly present in nature. You need to know what is going around you so that you can capture the essence of a good image. 

Your eyes are not enough 

Besides using your eye to capture the perfect shot, you should also engage your other senses. With them, you are able to see the other elements in the environment that are interesting. This permits you as a nature photographer to take in what is going around you fully. Know the area well and check how the landscape changes at different times of the day to capture the right hues for your pictures. 

Drop your worries and anxiety about your equipment 

He says that as a nature photographer, you sometimes have to travel light. If you have the goal of relaxing and recharging yourself in nature, this should be the spirit. There are times when you just need to carry the smartphone or the camera that you trust the most. 

This can be really stressful when you need to carry heavy equipment, especially if you need to travel or hike for many hours. He says that you should trust your natural surroundings to give you the light you need for a good shot during these times. Look around, and nature only will provide you with the composition and light you need for a good photo, he says. 

Do not consider the task of taking photographs work 

Sometimes, it can be extremely hard for photographers to really come out of their “working mode.” However, if you can do so, this will really help you as a photographer. He shares a simple idea where one can consider taking photographs only for themselves instead of thinking about the client or even the targeted audience. This helps one get the freedom to capture a great image or the freedom to enjoy the present moment fully. 

He says that as a photographer if you can do the above, it will also help you discover your own style as well. 

Evan Dombroski points out that these are just simple tips you should keep in mind when it comes to being a nature photographer. Nature permits you to relax and be calm. This helps you capture some really good shots while rejuvenating yourself in the natural surroundings that are good for your mental and physical health!