Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Profit Accumulator Review guide

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If you don’t know very well what matched betting is, take a look at my introductory Matched Betting Guide.
Profit Accumulator burst to the matched betting scene 4 years back as the first matched betting subscription website. They may have maintained their position as one of the two major players in the matched betting industry.
Profit Accumulator enable you to sign-up for free to try 2 of their offer tutorials. Full usage of all the nice stuff and will be offering is in their Platinum membership which costs £17.99 per month. This gives you access to:
131 New Account Sign-up Tutorials
111 Reload Offers
16 Video Guides
A bunch of tools including an oddsmatcher and different proprietary calculators.
A Thriving forum with over 1.2 million posts
The Website
Clean and minimalist web page design is the order of your day for Profit Accumulator and it works perfectly. The navigation is seamless with concise menus and dashboards. A good touch is the fact progress with offers can be tracked easily with the ‘mark as complete’ function and progress bars.
How good will be the offer Tutorials?
Profit Accumulator breaks things down with very in-depth, detail by detail guides for a lot of their offers. As I understand all too well, this is an extremely frustrating process – a lot of effort has been devote to make their service as beginner friendly as possible.
The screenshot below of the Coral Sign-Up Offer can be an example of an average tutorial.
This tutorial has a video guide as well, if you do want to follow every click of how to complete an provide you with can. And this is accompanied with a text summary of all the steps.

Profit accumulator review v Oddsmonkey
Firstly Profit Accumulator offers a great service, as does Oddsmonkey.
If Profit Accumulator’s £17.99 per month service was the only option on the market, it might be a fairly easy recommendation to make using its website packed with features and it’s potential to get you many more times in exchange. It arises against quite strong competition from Oddsmonkey, which comes in slightly cheaper at £15 per month subscription.
Profit Accumulator tutorials are meticulously written and are extremely beginner friendly.

But both of these heavyweights offer an outstanding service. Which competition breeds improvement in both services which can only be a good thing for us.
Would I WOULD RECOMMEND Profit Accumulator?
Profit Accumulator service is great and you also get a lot for your money.

I’m strong advocate of the kind of services as they make matched betting a more efficient process. It creates matched betting a seamless experience and gives you to help make the most sum of money in the shortest time – which is exactly what matched betting is approximately.
If you’re still unsure you can get a free of charge trial where you can try out several the offers. Then if you upgrade, they guarantee complete satisfaction with your experience so if within thirty days of your first purchase you don’t enjoy it they will refund your first payment, no questions asked.