Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Ram Chary Everi – Honing Your Skills as a Successful Graphic Designer 

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Graphic design is an exciting and creative profession you can embrace for a career. However, before you begin venturing into it, you should ensure you have the key skills needed to create the desired impact on your targeted audience and bag lucrative projects in the future. 

Ram Chary Everi is a 25-year- old graphic designer and photographer based in Boston, USA. He is an alumnus from Boston University and practicing fine arts by participating in various events and designing many printing materials. 

He drives to the northeast during his free time and gets his boat out to search for good tuna. Growing up in this region makes people get used to the water, and he appreciates this. He understands that fishing gets competitive; however, he feels refreshed when he is on the water. 

He also supports Oceana- a non-profit organization that encourages and educates citizens on how they can become good stewards of their state via webinars, workshops, and other printed materials. 

You should be creative and artistic for good graphic designs 

According to him, if you want to become a good graphic designer, you should be artistic and have a passion for the arts. You need to understand the elements of color and use them wisely in your designs. 

A potent understanding of graphic design principles is essential for you as well. As a designer, it is your job to sync color, lines, space, texture, typography, and other elements in harmony to create well-structured and visually appealing designs. You need to strategically deploy these elements to communicate the intended message. 

Focusing on the ideation of the design

This is an important step of the graphic design process. It implies the generation, development, and communication of new ideas. This is the first thing you must do when you start a new project. The steps involved in the ideation process are-

  1. Research
  2. Development 
  3. Evaluation 
  4. Application 

Graphic designers generally use skills and techniques for this ideation process. Two common examples are thumbnails and mood boards. The former refers to a collection of key visuals for exploring new ideas and communicating the direction or the tone of the project. On the other hand, Thumbnails are rough and quick sketches that highlight the design’s layout with primary elements like images, headlines, and the final copy. 


Graphic designers are responsible for building or maintaining branding for their employers or clients. They undertake the onus of bringing the brand alive with colors, typography colors, photography, illustration, and other graphical elements. When they work with a brand, they must understand what makes the business brand unique. 

In the opinion of Ram Chary Everi, you must be ready to upgrade your skills as a graphic designer over time. Make sure you have a professional portfolio of all the designs you have created for your clients or employers. This portfolio will come in handy when you need to display your work to potential clients in the future.