Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Reasons to Choose Our Handmade Tile

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There’s a such a good feeling that comes along with buying a handmade product. Be it our Glazed Thin Brick, Ceramic or Handpainted tiles, you’ll be getting a product that’s made with lots of love and attention to detail.
Every process in the making is manufactured yourself: from cutting and glazing through to installation. Every tile unique. The slight variations in proportions and glaze nuances creates for a beautiful eye-catching set up that is both organic and natural and full of interest.

No two pieces are ever exactly alike, each one being truly a little ceramic masterpiece.

Tiles as art

Royce Wood Studio works closely with clients to create personalised ceramic wall art installations whether for a stunning backsplash or for whole kitchens or bathrooms and the email address details are always unique to clients. New glazes and shapes can be produced to help make the installation exquisite for you and your home safe in the data that no exact copy of your tiling scheme will exist anywhere else in the world.

Produced in small scale batches using home sourced clays and glazes and coupled with small distances travelled are excellent reasons for incorporating handmade tiles into the upcoming projects. Beautiful homemade tiles are kinder to the surroundings than sourcing ceramics from the far flung reaches of the world. Their toughness and inherent strength coupled with hygienic and easy to clean surfaces means they are a good way of covering and protecting your walls. The added benefit is beauty and glaze subtleties which give a showcase for your own artistic creativity.

Tiles that are produced in higher quantities in a factory or other setting up tend to be produced using earthenware, porcelain, or terracotta clay. Each are fired to another temperature; for example, terracotta is fired to the cheapest temperature, and porcelain the highest. With handmade tiles, there aren’t the same restrictions with firing. This means you may use many more clay types and open fire them over a variety of different temperatures.

Because of this flexibility, a massive spectrum of colours becomes available to you. They don’ t just provide standard shades the thing is on the shelves.

Personal Touch

Another of the amazingly special benefits of handmade tiles is the fact often, you can contact the tile maker straight. You may take full benefit of the personal touch that comes standard with the type of service they provide.

Whether it’s a particular condition, colour or texture you have in mind, they can create something that’s perfect just for you. When you have a specific requirement of your tiles, they’re usually more than pleased to work with you. They help you bring your specific vision to life.


A handmade tile will be more durable than a factory made tile. It is because handmade tiles tend to be thicker, meaning it takes a lot more force to break one. With regards to ceramic tiles, this satisfaction is especially important, knowing there is certainly less chance of having to replace destroyed tiles in the near future.


Among the major design benefits of handmade tiles is their ability to suit a specific space. These are much better that any “off the shelf” or produced in higher quantities product can. A location of handmade tiles can help soften an area.