Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Reddy Kancharla Explains the Design of Concrete Structures for Maximum Durability

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The best concrete durability, according to structural engineering experts, can be obtained right in the design phase when a structure is planned. Along with that, all the structural calculations must be made, accurate design of the details, optimum use of materials, and selecting all the possible additional preventative measures. Prevention needs to be further idealized as the concrete is prepared, placed, as well as cured. It would go on across the entire service lifespan of the structure, along with programmed assessment and maintenance. These design and construction measures will make sure that the right structural resistance is applied against chloride action, any kind of improper construction process, and inadequate concrete. You can find several concrete design software applications that can help you in the process.

Reddy Kancharla shares the basics of concrete structure design


It is important to consider optimum cementitious materials so that the used concrete is fully durable. Low materials content may reduce the structural element’s strength, where high-quality cementitious materials can further enhance the shrinkage that can, in one way or the other, reduce concrete durability. Considering the W/C (weight/cement) ratio, the lower the ratio, the better the chances to decrease concrete permeability and, furthermore, improve the durability. Besides, Reddy Kancharla takes the quality of the material into account as it will decide the factor for taking the load of the structure. 

Concrete cover

The concrete cover is mostly the responsible factor for shielding steel bars from harmful influences of chloride, fire, carbonation, and various other external risks. That is why an effective concrete cover thickness is critical to maintaining concrete durability. During its design, you need to make sure that the cover does not cross 2.5 times the reinforcing bar’s diameter. If the concrete cover is more than that, the chicken mesh can come to the rescue to keep the concrete in the right position.

It is important to control the width of the crack to protect the steel rebar against any kind of corrosion. The crack width is taken care of by bringing down the shrinkage level and spreading the reinforcement over the zone of maximum concrete tension (uniformly).

The placement

Effective placement of concrete is crucial to achieving the best durability. The reason is that proper placement and appropriate consolidation of concrete would get rid of rock pockets that may have formed in the concrete. The application of an appropriate curing method is necessary to accomplish the right kind of durability. This is because it allows for a concrete obtained designated strength. Humidity along with moisture plays a major role during the curing process to avoid shrinkage and cracking. 

As per Reddy Kancharla, you must take care of this point and even consult with your construction team to avoid any future issues in the structure. Make a note of the information presented in this post and use the best software applications for concrete design. You can easily find several companies offering such applications.