Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Why Budgeting For Team Building Is Good For Your Business

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Team Building Brings People Closer Together

If you organise meetings with your team only to enforce your corporate rules on your employees, you won’t achieve anything but bore these people to death. Successful and highly effective team building events are the ones that allow people to unwind and to unleash their creativity, to work together towards common goals and to bond in a natural and effective manner.

Even events and nights out with the team that don’t aim to serve as leadership lessons can be extremely beneficial, as they bring team members closer together, enabling them to get to know each other. See here for Firebird Events and see what team building activities they have to offer.

Dare To Try New Things With Your Team

The old-fashioned corporate picnic may not bring you as many benefits as out of the box activities. According to several studies, people who need to face unusual situations and try new things together are more prone to developing feelings of togetherness.

For instance, one of the most memorable team-building events I’ve ever organised was the one when I took the whole team to try out the country’s longest zipline. This idea came to me after I found out that one of my team members had this irrational fear of heights. We all benefited from this thrilling experience.

Team Building Is Rather An Investment Than A Splurge

If you want to reap the most benefits of your team building events, dare to offer your team memorable experiences. I still remember how appreciated my team members felt when I took them to NASCAR racing. Even though it cost our company $350 per person, it was one of the best investments ever. Our top performers felt appreciated. Everybody on our team had a great time racing at such impressive speeds.

The point I want to make is that you should always seek to offer valuable experiences to your employees if you want them to work together as a team towards taking your business to the next level. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make them feel valued, but you should strive to provide high-quality experiences they will never forget.

Keep The Vibe Going All Year Round

Team building events consisting of one-time activities fall flat within a few months. For best results, you must find creative ways to keep that flow going, even long after the event. By providing team members with opportunities to interact and to connect, you can help them keep the team spirit alive, beyond all those dull business meetings and corporate presentations.

In our company, we always take time to check in our most important projects and to celebrate all key milestones together. We also encourage our employees to share and discuss their personal goals with each other. Such life goals can be anything, from learning Chinese to climbing Mount Everest. This is an extremely powerful way to get to know our people and to gain a better understanding of their dreams and their beliefs. We use this insight to brainstorm ideas for our future team-building events and activities.

When your team building activities are an endless source of laughter, happiness and cooperation, you know you’ve gotten them right!